WirelessTag Features

WirelessTags monitor the temperature and humidity and store the information on the Internet. It’s live, automatic, and instantaneous.

If something goes wrong, you’re told straight away. You can access the information from your phone, PC or Mac. It’s inexpensive and there are no ongoing fees.

WirelessTags can also act as a simple alarm system and asset tracker. You can monitor doors, windows, assets and even people. It can notify you when they move, leave the area, will return to the area.

Instant notification on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and laptops.

WirelessTags connect events in the physical world (e.g. motion, door/gate opened/closed, temperature exceeding limits) to your smart phones, tablets and any web browsers anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Small and inexpensive

A WirelessTag is small and inexpensive, and has up to 2 years of battery life depending on settings and usage. Each Tag focuses simply on sensing the physical world and sending the information back to the Tag Manager up to 60m away in the most energy efficient way possible. Up to 255 Tags can be associated with one Tag Manager.

What can be monitored?


If monitoring fridges and freezers you can be notified as soon as they start to become too hot and avoid a nasty surprise the following day. If monitoring room temperature you can control other equipment

Water levels/moisture

Be automatically notified in the event of flooding or your garden is drying out.

Doors and windows

The system can act as a simple security system and alert you of motion or remind you that something has been left open.


Assets can easily be tracked and you can be notified if they are taken away or returned.