Who uses WirelessTags?

WirelessTags can be used for a wide range of industries.


Medical and Vaccine Fridges

WirelessTags mean an end to manual downloads. Your data is automatically saved to your internet account.

You can view your fridge temperature data from anywhere (even on your phone) and download data as a spreadsheet or a graph.

If something goes wrong with the fridge and temperatures are too high or too low, you will be notified immediately by email or on your phone. You can even be alerted if the power to the Tag Manager goes out.


Food Safety

Your fridges, cool rooms and freezers contains thousands of dollars worth of stock, so you need to know immediately if they fail.

WirelessTag will send a notification to your phone as soon as it receives a temperature that is too high, or if the power goes out.

You’ll know about problems in time to save your stock.



Environmental Monitoring

WirelessTag can give you a constant live feed of remote temperature and humidity.

This is ideal for server rooms, storage rooms, warehouses, new HVAC installations, and much more.